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"If you're not doing what you love, then you're the crazy one."

Angelo Grubišić, 24 June 1981 — 22 August 2019

Dr Angelo Grubišić was a space scientist, university lecturer and a champion wingsuit flyer. After witnessing the death of two close friends, he turned his talents to making this notoriously dangerous sport safer, inspiring others with his pioneering spirit.

In March 2020, the project was longlisted for The Whickers — a documentary foundation funded by Alan Whicker's legacy. The award is one of the most competitive international grants for an emerging filmmaker working on their first full-length documentary.

We were impressed by the strength of the project, as well as Rob's vision and dedication as a first-time feature director. We felt that the project had tremendous potential and commercial appeal, with unique access to an extraordinary story and character. It was a strong contender during the judging process.

Jane Ray, Artistic Director
Preview Trailer
Thanks to Duckrabbit and Good Guys Productions

"Sometimes people ask: 'Why did you name it The Icarus Project, didn't he die? Shouldn't you call it Daedalus after his father, since he survived?' I think I have more in common with Icarus as a scientist, as he explored the limits. We started tempting fate by jumping off mountains in wingsuits, so I'm not going to stop now."

Angelo Grubišić